Complete Guide to Babyproofing Your Home

The idea of keeping a new baby safe can be a daunting one, especially as they grow and become an active toddler with the incredible ability to get into just about everything. This guide goes over all of the primary

Hurricane Safety and Information for Adults and Children

Hurricane Safety and Information for Adults and Children

What is a Hurricane? Hurricanes are large spiraling tropical storms.  Depending on where you go in the world, they might also be known as cyclones or typhoons. Regardless of what you call them, these giant storms can be hundreds of

Reviewing Earthquake Safety and Preparedness

What is an Earthquake? An earthquake is a sudden strong shaking of the ground. They happen more frequently along active and major fault lines. However, earthquakes can still be experienced in areas in which they are less common as well.

Internet Safety Tips for Kids and Adults

The internet is a great way to connect with friends, go shopping, do business, and find information. In fact, the ways that we can use it increase on a daily business. However, just as in every aspect of life, there

Food Safety for the Whole Family

We want the meals that we serve our families to be delicious and nutritious. We also need the food to be safe! Food borne illnesses and food poisoning can quickly turn a great meal into a regrettable one. According to